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Binance Smart Chain GrokDoge

GrokDoge is a project published on BSC. It integrates Grok intelligent robots and the well-known DOGE coin, and is the latest embodiment of the two major IPs.
Contract Address: 0x176054ae3e2755140e2ecacf7fb29e2ee9d899c2

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GrokDoge Coin

GrokDoge will possess the characteristics and values of DOGE, while also incorporating emoticons, funny images, and other humorous elements from internet culture. This makes GrokDoge a unique cryptocurrency known as the "ultimate meme coin".

X platform introduces new features, one of which is robot dog manual interaction and DOGE payment. This means that users can complete payment functions by interacting with the robot dog Grok. This innovative payment method will bring users a more convenient payment experience, and the interaction with the robot dog will also increase fun and entertainment.

By implementing ecological empowerment, GrokDoge will play an important role on the X platform. Utilize the characteristics of cryptocurrencies to provide value-added services and development opportunities for various stakeholders in the ecosystem. GrokDoge will bring more users and activity to the X platform, further promoting the development and innovation of the platform.



100 +


20 k +




Coin Info

The symbol of GrokDoge coin is $GrokDoge, and the total supply of $GrokDoge is 981,250,200,000,000.

Transaction Fee

The buy and sell fee is 5%, including 1% for LP reflection, 2% for burning and 2% for charity.


GrokDoge's team has established partnetships with outstanding people from many parties.

Investment Value

The contract is strictly reviewed and tested, and the LP will be locked for more than 6 months.

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How To Buy?

The $GrokDoge coin was launched on PancakeSwap. The contract address of $GrokDoge is 0x176054ae3e2755140e2ecacf7fb29e2ee9d899c2.

  • Creat a wallet and get some BNB

    Download MetaMask or other wallet Apps from app store and creat a wallet. Then deposit the BNB into your wallet.

  • Go to PancakeSwap

    Go to on browser or your wallet Apps. Connect your wallet and paste the $GrokDoge contract address.

  • Switch BNB for $GrokDoge

    Switch BNB for $GrokDoge. we have 5% taxes so you don't need to worry about buying with a specific slippage.


Phase 01

  • WeChat Team Manager Recruitment

  • Website Development

  • Smart Contract Develop

  • Initial Marketing

  • Launch on PancakeSwap

  • 3,000+ Holders

Phase 02

  • AVE avatar, popular search

  • TP avatar, popular search

  • Hot search on AVE and DexTool

  • CMC and CG Listing

  • CEX Exchange Listing

  • 10,000+ Holders

Phase 03

  • The Project Runs Smoothly

  • Mass Marketing

  • Emoji Online

  • SocialFi DAPP Online

  • More CEX Listing

  • 30,000+ Holders